Intelligent Manufacturing
Next Generation Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes

Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies
Infrastructure Materials for Mobility, Resilience, and Sustainability

Enabling Materials for Extreme Environment
Structural Ceramics for Extreme Environment Applications

Intelligent Systems Center
Sensing, Modeling, Control, and Augmented Reality for Army Force Training and Intelligent Robotics

Center for Biomedical Research
Wound healing glass nanofibers

Cybersecurity for Battle
Building Trusted Cyber-Physical Systems from Untrusted Components

Kent D. Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center
Lightweight and advanced high strength steels

Center for Intelligent Infrastructure and
INSPIRE University Transportation Center
Active sensing, nondestructive evaluation, and robot-assisted inspection and maintenance for intelligent infrastructure management

Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
Electromagnetic Compatibility: Resilient Electronics, Interference, High-Speed Digital/RF Design

Energetic Materials, Rock Characterization, and Geomechanics (EMRGe)

Applied Computational Intelligence Laboratory
M2L for L2M: Mixed-Modality learning for Lifelong Learning Machines and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Statistical and Unsupervised Learning Analysis of FITBIR Datasets